Learn How to Make Brushing Teeth More Fun for Kids!

Learn How to Make Brushing Teeth More Fun for Kids!

It can be very difficult to get children to brush their teeth twice a day for a full two minutes unless you make brushing fun for them. If teeth brushing becomes something children actually look forward to, it will be a more enjoyable experience for you and your kids! Developing a brushing routine is very important to your children’s health, and we’re here to help you with that! 

Read below to learn ways you can make brushing teeth more fun for kids.

Brush Together

Most children will need guidance when it comes to brushing their teeth, especially when they are first getting the hang of it. Rest assured, it won’t be long until they’ll get in the habit and won’t need your help.

A good way to get kids in the habit of brushing their teeth is to do it with them. By brushing aside them, your kids can copy your motions and learn to properly brush. Not to mention, kids will be much more likely to want to brush their teeth if you approach it as a fun activity to do together. And they’ll be so proud to show you when they no longer need your help!

Pick Tasty Toothpaste

Kids toothpaste has come a long way, as there are many different flavors available. Whether your child prefers bubblegum, watermelon, or mint, there’s a flavor for them! Make sure to ask them which flavor they want and even let them pick it out themselves so the taste of the toothpaste is only helping the teeth brushing process. 

Let Them Pick Their Own Toothbrush

The toothbrush your child uses to brush their teeth will make all the difference in whether or not they enjoy it. Boring simple toothbrushes won’t do anything in terms of making the experience fun. 

Let your child pick their own toothbrush so they actually have an interest in brushing! With Toothbrush Toys, each toothbrush is a physical toy that children can interact with. They’ll view their toothbrush as a character they love and are excited to see every night! Not only that, but each character comes to life in a two minute animation to watch while brushing!

Get Active While You Brush

Incorporating something fun into the two minutes of teeth brushing will help ensure kids aren’t distracted or bored while brushing. Brushing for the full two minutes twice a day is extremely important to their dental hygiene and overall health.

One way to keep kids engaged and not distracted is to show them a two minute animation to watch while brushing. Our animations are designed to keep kids brushing continuously for the duration of the video, so they don’t get bored and want to end early. 

Make Brushing Fun With Toothbrush Toys!

Getting children to brush their teeth can be a challenging task for many parents, but it's crucial for maintaining their oral health. By making brushing an enjoyable experience for kids, proper brushing habits will become a regular part of their daily routine. This will lead to healthier teeth and gums, and it can also alleviate stress and discomfort for both parents and children.

Remember that establishing good dental habits early on is essential for lifelong oral health, and with a bit of creativity and help from us, you can make teeth brushing a positive experience for your kids! Visit ToothbrushToys.com and get your kid’s new favorite toothbrush today! Make sure to check out our two minute animated stories included with each brush, and subscribe to our newsletter for special offers, blogs, and more!
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