Toothbrush Toys was founded to change the mundane tooth-brushing experience into one children get excited about! With poor pediatric dental hygiene at alarmingly high numbers nationwide, Toothbrush Toys encourage children to engage with their brushes through captivating stories and animation. Our mission is to lower the resistance to teeth brushing and make it fun! Our team of pediatric dentists has embraced the design of our brushes and the concept of our back stories, and our partnership with America’s Toothfairy allows us to provide dental care products to those in need nationwide.

Make Brushing Time an Adventure!

The best toothbrush is simply the one your child wants to use, and with the help of Toothbrush Toys, your children will create long-lasting healthy dental habits in no time!

Why Choose Toothbrush Toys

Change the Narrative

Character brushes with magical stories will change the tooth-brushing narrative forever in your house. Children can read the story, watch the animation, and get excited about brushing their teeth!

Reusable & Collectible

Toothbrush Toys are collectible! Unlike other manual toothbrushes, our brush heads are removable and replaceable, so your child’s new favorite toothbrush never has to be thrown away! And, when they decide to move on to their new favorite character brush, they can save the toy!

Good Brushing Habits

Our manual brushes don’t rely on automation to brush your child’s teeth. Instead, our larger handles allow children to develop dexterity and neuromuscular skills while learning proper brushing techniques that will last a lifetime!

Picture of Toothbrush Toys founder

Our Story

Like so many other kids growing up, Toothbrush Toys’ founder, Nicolette Warren, would often babysit to earn extra money. And invariably, one part of the night never went well…toothbrushing time. Kids just never want to brush their teeth.  Fast forward a few years to a senior class project while attending college; think of a business you would like to bring to market. Lightbulb!! Toothbrush Toys was born.

How can she make the experience different, while not sacrificing the quality and importance of the chore was the question. The answer…character brushes with accompanying stories and animation that capture a child’s imagination. Change the task from a negative to a positive. But where to begin…….

Nicolette came from an entrepreneurial family so enlisted her father as a partner. Her father was in the midst of a 12 year long battle with cancer, and although unable to actively participate, he mentored our founder throughout. With his help and inspiration, along with guidance from pediatric dentists, creation of the first character brushes with easy to grip handles and interchangeable heads became reality.

Nicolette’s goal in starting Toothbrush Toys was to make brushing fun for kids. If kids actually saw teeth brushing as an experience they enjoyed, they would build better habits. Surprisingly, dental hygiene is the leading health concern amongst kids in the United States today, and Toothbrush Toys aims to fix that.

Giving back has always been important to Nicolette and her family. She learned from her parents that no business is ever really successful unless you’re doing what you can to give back to those in need. Toothbrush Toys has partnered with America’s ToothFairy, a non-profit that donates dental products to children in need, in hopes of improving dental hygiene even further.