A Subscription Box for Smile Lovers Everywhere!

A Subscription Box for Smile Lovers Everywhere!

In children's oral care, Toothbrush Toys lead the way to healthier smiles. Our innovative subscription service transforms the daily ritual of brushing into an extraordinary adventure! Introducing My Brushing Box, where oral care meets imaginative play, offering not just toothbrushes but an entire experience that transforms the way children approach dental hygiene.

The My Brushing Box Experience: Where Fun and Clean Collide

At the heart of Toothbrush Toys is the belief that instilling good oral care habits should be enjoyable for kids and stress-free for parents. With My Brushing Box, families receive a new Toothbrush Toy and an engaging storybook every three months. This strategic interval ensures a continuous sense of excitement, making the oral care routine an eagerly anticipated event for months to come. 

Explore the Collections: Animals, Fairytale, and Best Sellers

To cater to the diverse interests of children, My Brushing Box offers three captivating collections:

Animals Collection: Dive into the wild with characters like Brushy the Brushasaurus and Petey the Puppy. Our Animals Collection introduces children to the importance of oral care through relatable and endearing tales of adventure with their favorite animals.

Fairytale Collection: Enter a realm of excitement with characters inspired by enchanting fairytales. From brave superheroes to magical princesses, the Fairytale Collection weaves dental education seamlessly into captivating narratives that spark the imagination.

Best Sellers Collection: The Best Sellers Collection is a curated mix of the most beloved Toothbrush Toys for those who love variety. From Aqua the Mermaid to Chompers the Shark, this collection combines the best elements from different themes to keep your child's interest piqued.

Toothbrush Toys: More Than Just a Brush

Beyond the whimsical characters and entertaining stories, Toothbrush Toys is on a mission to redefine oral care for children. Our commitment goes beyond clean teeth; it's about creating positive habits and memorable moments for the whole family.

Educational Adventures: Each storybook included in My Brushing Box is meticulously crafted to weave dental education into the narrative seamlessly. These stories provide valuable lessons in a way that resonates with children, making learning about oral care and other life lessons enjoyable.

Sustainable Smiles: Caring for the planet is as important as caring for teeth. Toothbrush Toys are made to last, so the character toys never have to be thrown away. By choosing My Brushing Box, you're not just investing in your child's oral health but also investing in a product that’s built to last.

Quality Family Time: My Brushing Box is more than a subscription; it's an opportunity for quality family time. Reading the storybooks together and discussing the adventures of the characters before bedtime creates a bonding experience that goes beyond the bathroom routine!

Shop Now for Endless Brushing Fun With My Brushing Box

Ready to transform your child's brushing routine from a chore to a delight? Subscribe to our Toothbrush Toys My Brushing Box and embark on a journey of oral care and imagination! Choose from our Animals, Fairytale, or Best Sellers Collection, and watch as your child eagerly awaits the arrival of their next Toothbrush Toy and storybook.

Make brushing a joyous ritual with My Brushing Box—a subscription that brings smiles, clean teeth, and endless fun. Shop now and join us in the mission of creating a generation of oral health enthusiasts!

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