Teaching Your Kids the Importance of Dental Hygiene

Teaching Your Kids the Importance of Dental Hygiene

It’s extremely important that kids establish good oral hygiene habits at a young age. In order to do so, you need to establish a great dental routine for your kids that is also fun! By implementing simple techniques, brushing teeth can become an important, but fun part of your  kids’ lives.

Get Creative With Fun Games

The only way to really teach your kids the importance of dental hygiene is to incorporate fun aspects into their brushing routine. One way to do this is to create brushing games for you and your kids. Some brushing games can include:

  • Practicing to brush on their favorite stuffed animals
  • A contest for who can brush their teeth better
  • A reward given after two minutes of proper brushing

And more! If an activity kids view as fun is associated with teeth brushing, it will be easier for you to emphasize the importance of it to your kids. 

Make Visiting the Dentist a Positive Experience

Many kids get the notion that the dentist is a bad thing starting at a young age. Don’t let that happen! The way you approach the dentist to your kids can make all the difference in how they view the dentist. To help emphasize the importance of dental hygiene, the dentist needs to be framed as a positive experience that will help kids stay healthy. Mention to your kids that they will be rewarded at the dentist if they are brushing properly, so they actually get excited to go and show off their perfect pearly whites!

Let Your Kids Choose Their Toothbrush

Kids should be given the option to pick out their own toothbrush just as they would with any other toy or accessory. A toothbrush shouldn’t be any different from a backpack - it’s something they will be using everyday so you better make sure they like it!

With a character toothbrush from Toothbrush Toys, the toothbrush comes to life. Once a boring piece of plastic can now be your kids’ new favorite character that they can’t wait to see every day. Let them choose their favorite character brush, and rotate them out when they want something new so kids are always excited to brush and build those habits while young.

Engage With Stories About Teeth Brushing 

Kids need a fun toothbrush that they want to use, but they also need something that keeps them brushing their teeth for a full two minutes. With Toothbrush Toys, each character brush comes with a two minute animated story to watch while brushing, and it can also be read as a storybook. This way, kids are entertained while brushing their teeth and also engaged with the character and the idea of dental hygiene. It’s a win win!

Get Teeth Brushing Accessories

Another way to emphasize the importance of dental hygiene is to create a whole experience around teeth brushing, so kids know it’s more than just a quick task they have to complete. Besides the animation or storybook, you can also add other fun accessories like stickers, a two minute timer, a tooth-shaped house toothbrush holder, and more! Making teeth brushing time something that’s associated with a fun, positive experience will let kids know that it’s an important part of their lives and should be fully embraced.

Set Up Your Kids With Great Dental Hygiene for Life 

Instilling good oral hygiene habits in children is crucial to ensure their dental health as they grow up. By making dental routines enjoyable, you can encourage your kids to take care of their teeth and build habits that will benefit them for a lifetime! Simple techniques such as incorporating games, stories, and interactive toothbrushes can make brushing teeth an exciting and engaging activity for children. With little effort and help from us, you can set your children up for success and help them maintain a healthy smile for years to come!

Visit ToothbrushToys.com and shop our toothbrushes to get your kids on the right dental hygiene path! Create the best brushing experience with our two minute animations, storybooks, and more! Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on product releases, for special offers, and for more blogs.
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