When Do Children Start to Lose Their Teeth?

When Do Children Start to Lose Their Teeth?

A Timeline of When You Can Expect Your Kids to Lose All of Their Teeth

Your children losing their teeth can be an exciting part of their childhood, especially when the Tooth Fairy arrives! Every child is different so the timeline for losing teeth won’t be exactly the same for everyone. However, there are average times you can expect your kids to start the process. It’s good to be prepared for when that day comes, so here is what you can expect.

The Beginning

If your kids come home crying because their friends are losing their teeth and they aren’t yet, don’t worry! It’s a natural process that every child will experience. 

On average, kids lose their first tooth around 6 or 7 years old. The first teeth to fall out are typically the bottom teeth in the front, and girls tend to lose their teeth before boys. 

There is no need to worry if your child loses their teeth early or late, as 6-7 is just the average. Nevertheless, if you ever have any concerns, it is always best to consult with your child’s dentist.

The Timeline of Losing Teeth

If you want to prepare your child for losing their teeth,  it may be smart to have a conversation about what they can expect. Again, nothing is set in stone and it varies from child to child, however you can consider the average ages for reference. 

The center teeth, both on the bottom and the top, typically fall out first. Make sure to comfort your child when they have a hole in the front of their mouth!

Next are the teeth next to the front teeth, the sharp teeth, and the first molars. These typically fall out around the age of 9.

Lastly are the back molars which typically go between the ages 10 and 12. Your child’s dentist can help you confirm which teeth are left to fall out, so make sure to stay consistent with your dentist visits!

Wiggle, Wiggle

We’ve all heard of horror stories about trying to get a loose tooth out, like tying it with string to a door or biting into an apple. Although we don’t recommend these harsh ways of forcing a loose tooth out, there is nothing wrong with a little wiggle, wiggle.

Wiggling an already loose tooth won’t cause any harm, as long as you and your child aren’t being too aggressive or forceful. Again, the process of losing teeth is natural and will occur on its own, so no aggressive force is needed!

Why Brush Teeth That Will Just Fall Out?

Wait a second… if my child’s teeth are just going to fall out, why bother brushing them? That’s a fair question, but there are several reasons why brushing your kid’s teeth is vital to long lasting dental health.

Not only will brushing at a young age help your child develop proper brushing habits for a lifetime, but it will also prevent any teeth and gum issues. Even though your child’s baby teeth will fall out, the health of the teeth while in the mouth is extremely important. You don’t want your child having painful and expensive dental problems before they even get their permanent teeth. 

Proper brushing habits are detrimental to a person’s dental health, and it is extremely valuable to develop these habits as young as possible. Learning proper brushing techniques is a skill that will last a lifetime, in addition to building the habit of consistently brushing for two minutes at a time.

The Bottom Line

There is no perfect age for your child to lose their teeth, and there’s no guarantee that they will at a certain age. When the time does come, it’s best to be prepared so both you and your child aren’t startled or scared.

To guarantee your child has good dental hygiene from a young age, great brushing habits are a must even with those baby teeth. Stay up to date on your dentist visits, and help your child start the habit of brushing their teeth for two minutes twice a day. Good bruising habits last a lifetime, so ensuring proper and consistent brushing techniques at a young age will go a long way.

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