Let's Improve Dental Hygiene One Toothbrush at a Time!

  • Promote a positive experience at the dentist

  • Kids leave excited to brush their teeth

  • Help create good brushing habits

  • Encourage proper brushing technique

Boy holding Brushy the Brushasaurus Toothbrush Toy in bathroom

Give Toothbrush Toys or Storybooks Away

  • Purchase Toothbrush Toys and / or storybooks to give away to patients

  • Differentiate your practice with a unique new patient special or giveaway

  • Kids will go home excited to brush their teeth and with a positive association to your office

Enhance your office and patient experience by introducing Toothbrush Toys today!

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Displayed Toothbrush Toys flyer and discount cards

Offer Patients Product Discounts and Earn Commission

  • Offer a discount code and link

  • Display Toothbrush Toys for patients to see before purchasing

  • Receive business cards or a displayed flyer with purchasing info

Keep your commissions or donate to our partner charity, America’s ToothFairy

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Toothbrush Toys in a countertop display

Sell With a Countertop Display

  • Utilize our small but eye-catching display (holds 6 Toothbrush Toys)

  • Purchase at our wholesale price and re-order directly from our website

  • Retail price - $19.95 (50% margin)

Keep your profits or donate to our partner charity, America’s ToothFairy

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