Three-pack replacement toothbrushes in original packaging
Three differently colored replacement toothbrushes on a white background
Multi color three-pack replacement toothbrushes in packaging
Three replacement toothbrushes with green and white bristles
Green three-pack replacement toothbrushes
Three-pack replacement brushes with pink and white bristles
Pack of three pink replacement toothbrushes
Three replacement brushes with blue and white bristles
Three replacement brushes in a package promoting fun brushing time

Replacement Brushes - 3 Pack

Replacement Brushes - 3 Pack

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Need new brush heads for your Toothbrush Toy? Look no further! Our replacement toothbrush heads come in a handy 3-pack, perfect for quick swaps. Just pull out the used one and click in a fresh head. Keep your Toothbrush Toys feeling new, and make brushing a breeze! Goodbye worn-out brushes, hello clean teeth and easy-peasy dental routine! Keep that smile bright while on the go with our trusty replacements.
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Product Description

Dentists recommend that brush heads are replaced every three months to maintain good oral hygiene. With our Toothbrush Kits, you'll have a convenient supply of replacement brushes on hand to make sure your child's dental routine is always up to par!

Toothbrush Toys are designed with your child's comfort and safety in mind. Our brushes are made with soft bristles to ensure a gentle and effective cleaning for your child's teeth and gums.

Make sure your child's dental routine is always on point with our Toothbrush Kits. Keep your child's smile healthy and bright with our convenient and reliable replacement brush heads for Toothbrush Toys!

Our Dental Ambassadors

Our Dental Ambassadors

As part of our initiative to improve dental hygiene amongst kids in the U.S, we have selectively chosen a group of dental professionals to make up our team of dentist ambassadors.


The toothbrush and video are great, the kids love both! Will definitely recommend.



Brushing teeth used to be such a struggle until this product. My son absolutely loves his new brush and even asks me to brush longer. This is a total game changer! Love it!



Toothbrush handles and soft bristles are user friendly, easy to hold and cute. My son loves the characters and colors.

Jessica A


Frequently Asked Questions

Is This a Toothbrush or a Toy?

All Toothbrush Toys are laboratory tested and approved premium toothbrushes that have character bodies. After removal of the bristle insert, they double as collectible toys. The purpose of a Toothbrush Toy is to brush teeth, but the unique design and fun character creates a brushing experience that kids can’t resist. By collecting the whole Toothbrush Toy collection, your child can use their favorite toothbrush until they want to switch to a new one, removing the brush head from the previous one and keeping it as a toy or even a flossing stick.

Is This Safe?

Yes! Toothbrush Toys are just as safe as any traditional toothbrush. All of our brushes and bristles are created with laboratory tested materials that are safe for kids to use and have in their mouths. Our thicker body design also helps prevent choking as the entire brush cannot be inserted into a little mouth!Toothbrush Toys are safe and can be used by children ages 2 and above! We recommend adult supervision for children under 4 to ensure proper brushing techniques.

Does the Brush Head Come Off?

The extra soft brush head is interchangeable and can easily be removed by an adult. Our unique design securely snaps the brush into place so it won’t come out even during the most aggressive brushing. To remove the brush head, firmly grasp the character body and pull the brush head straight out with force. Our tight snap design prevents toothbrush malfunctions during use.

How Often Do I Change the Brush Head?

Dentists strongly recommend that brushes are replaced every 2-3 months, or when your brush appears worn or ineffective. If your child has been sick or has had a cold, it's a good idea to replace their toothbrush sooner to avoid re-infection.