Now Welcoming Build a Bundle: Easy, Fun and Affordable for All Families

Now Welcoming Build a Bundle: Easy, Fun and Affordable for All Families

Our new Build a Bundle product makes keeping up with children's oral care much easier! We’ve introduced a customizable bundle builder that ensures families receive their favorite products with a 10% discount on their purchases. To start, simply select any of our character toothbrushes and pair them with an accessory, such as a storybook, two-minute timer, or replacement brushes. Our bundles have no limit on the number of Toothbrush Toy characters you can choose, whether it be 1 or all 6. Our products are designed to make children's oral hygiene exciting and easy for the whole family!

The Build a Bundle Experience

Toothbrush Toys is committed to spreading good oral care habits in children, instilling healthy routines that give parents peace of mind. By using Build a Bundle, families receive more than just an engaging collectible toy; they receive the gift of a stress-free brushing experience, keeping kids, parents, and dentists smiling all year long.

Spreading the Healthy Habit

Building a Bundle isn't just great for your family; it’s a perfect gift for friends and loved ones too. Give the gift of stress-free, fun oral hygiene. At Toothbrush Toys, we understand that getting children to care for their oral health can be challenging. Our goal is to turn this task into a fun activity everyone can enjoy. A Toothbrush Toy bundle makes an excellent gift for any family members or friends who struggle with their children's tooth brushing.

Our Collections

At Toothbrush Toys, we understand that children have a wide range of interests. Toothbrush Toys are designed for all children by offering them a diverse range of toys through our collections, ensuring every child finds something they love. If your child has a love for animals, our animal collection including characters such as Brushy the Brushasaurus or Petey the Puppy is a great addition to your bathroom. However, if your child prefers fairytale adventures, our fairytale collection featuring brave superheroes or magical princesses is also available to children.

Our Accessories 

To accompany your character toothbrush, we offer a wide range of accessories such as storybooks, toothbrush timers, or even replaceable toothbrush heads! These accessories are designed to elevate your child's brushing experience by creating play out of the brushing routine.

The Toothbrush Toy Mission

Toothbrush Toys is more than our engaging stories and fun characters. We have committed ourselves to instilling long-lasting healthy habits in children, ensuring they have a successful relationship with their dental hygiene in the future. We are on a mission to redefine children's oral care by creating memorable moments the whole family can engage in and enjoy!

Get Started on the Fun: Build Your Bundle Today

Transform your child's brushing routine today! Build a bundle that will be enjoyed by families and friends alike. Choose from our Animal, Fairytale, or Best Seller Collections and pair it with a fun accessory. Make brushing a fun part of your child's routine and give them a bundle of joy with our whimsical toothbrush characters. Shop now and join us on our mission to excite children about brushing their teeth!
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